Dirt King on TruckU | Desert Race Tacoma


The owner of this hard-driving Tacoma loves the adrenaline rush of hitting rough terrain at high speeds, so he’s asked the guys at TruckU to set up the truck to do just that. They’ll upgrade it with an extreme suspension guaranteed to maximize his full-throttle thrills across the desert and beyond!

Toyota Tacoma

TruckU is a television show that airs on MotorTrend and is focused on pickup trucks. The show features hosts who provide expert advice and information on buying, maintaining, and modifying trucks. They also showcase the latest models and trends in the automotive industry. The show aims to educate and entertain viewers who are interested in trucks, and provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions when purchasing or working on their own trucks.

TruckU installed the Dirt King 4WD long travel kit paired with spec King 2.5” coilovers & spec King 3.0” bypasses to achieve 13.5” of wheel travel. For the rear TruckU installed the Dirt King long travel spring under kit paired with spec King 3.0” x 16” bypasses and leaf under leaf springs to achieve 18” of wheel travel.


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