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Not only do we manufacture our products in house, but we also perform product installs and custom fabrication. We install everything from upper control arms to long travel kits and our Ultra 4-Link suspension systems. Even though our focus is on suspension we will also install fiberglass fenders, wheels, tires, and can fabricate custom bumpers. We have all the best equipment and experienced techs to get the job done right. Each vehicle gets an in-depth initial inspection before entering the shop, throughout the build all critical bolts are torqued and paint marked, QC inspection upon completion, and then it must pass a road test before being released to the customer. This process combined with our customer service and experience is what sets up apart from the rest!

Nick Gardner is born and raised in San Diego CA and is our service department manager. Nick brings over 15 years of experience in the offroad industry, he handles the quoting, scheduling, and project management for Dirt King Fabrication. Nick is hands on and well versed in installation procedures, so he is also a great source for technical and installation questions. Nick has had numerous off road vehicles which include his previous Dirt King Fabrication build, a 2007 Tacoma prerunner featuring our front and rear long travel kits, Fox Spec Shocks front and rear, Fiberwerx fenders, custom bumpers, and 37s. Nick's current build is a 2006 Silverado featuring our long travel race kit, engine cage, and Ultra 4-Link Kit. He is passionate about Dirt King Fabrication and the products we produce. Nick can help you with the build of your dreams, whether it be a simple lift, wheels, and tires or a complete luxury prerunner.

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