Marks '16 4x4 Denali

2016 4x4 Denali

Mark's 2016 GMC Denali went through a series of radical improvements. With the customer wanting the best of everything it felt like a never ending build. Multiple new products were developed as a result such as the bolt on inner fender wells. When combined with our suspension system the fender wells allows for proper clearance of a 37" tire throughout the suspension cycle. This project wouldn't be where it is without the combined efforts of Fiberwerx, San Diego Superchargers, and the entire Dirt King staff.


Front Suspension

Rear Suspension

  • Dirt King Rear Bed Cage
  • Dirt King Shackle & Hanger Kit
  • Deaver U182 Leaf Spring Pack
  • 3.0" x 16" King Bypass Shocks
  • Dirt King Over Sized Rear Wheel Wells

Wheels & Tires


  • Dirt King Radius Front Bumper
    • Full Width Radius Top Tube
    • Skid Plate
  • Fiberwerx 6" Fenders
  • Fiberwerx 6" Bedsides
  • Fiberwerx 16-18' Lower Valance
    [With OEM Foglight Cutouts]
  • Ram Air Hood [Amerihood]
  • Linex Bedliner [Linex San Diego]


  • 6.2L Gas v8
    • Magnuson TVS2300 Supercharger
  • JBA Ceramic Coated Headers
  • JBA CAT Back Exhaust

Accessories & Lighting

  • N/A
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