New Product Request

Looking for a certain product but can't seem to find it anywhere?  We are here to help!

Simply fill out the form to be reviewed by our product development team. If we determine there is enough demand for a particular product we will then begin the development process. If your product is selected, you will receive introductory pricing along with an email outlining product details and lead times. A 10% non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your product. Once the product is complete the remaining balance will be due and the product will be shipped or made available for pick up.


*Submitting this request does not guarantee that your product will be produced. All prices listed are estimates, actual price may vary. Dirt King Fabrication's product development team determines if a particular product will be produced or not. Product approval is handled in two stages. Stage one; customers will be emailed product information, timeline, discount pricing, and required to pay a 10% deposit to secure their product. Stage 2; minimum required deposits must be maid within two weeks of the first email. If the minimum is not met the deposits will be refunded. If the minimum is met then the product will proceed to production and the 10% deposit will no longer be refundable.