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Take a look at the recent Dirt Sports + Off Road Magazine [ Nov Issue ] feature on our customers Chevy Silverado Build, utilizing a Dirt King long travel suspension system.

In the recent issue of Dirt Sports Magazine [NOV 7], Russell Glen’s Dirt King built 2016 4x4 Chevy Silverado is put into the spotlight with a featured article on his build. Dirt Sports editor Matt Emery met with Russell out in the desert of Superstition to put the truck through its paces and go over the build process.

Matt Emery | Credit: Russell Glen 

Emery, who is a long time off-road racer in both motorcycles and cars, is now using the nearly 25 years of editorial experience and contacts he’s acquired to helm Dirt Sports + Off-Road, and is responsible for bringing the magazine into the digital age. This experience and eye for detail are shown in the feature on Russell's Silverado build.  

Russell brought his 4x4 Silverado to Dirt King back in 2016. Looking to upgrade the front suspension to handle quite a bit of abuse but not wanting sacrifice on road drivability, he decided to go with our bolt on Long Travel Kit and never looked back. 

The front suspension system, capable of 13” of clean travel while retaining four wheel drive, was eventually upgraded to allow an 8” 3.0 bypass to be bolted in next to the 2.5” 8” King Coilover. Running a full 8" stroke coilover and bypass is made possible by utilizing our Bypass Shock Hoop Kit that was developed on Russell's truck.

In addition to the front end work, we have designed and built the rear suspension as well. First a CAD designed bed cage, install of Deaver C85 Springs, custom wheel wells, and our shackle and hanger kit to finish everything up. 

We couldn't be more happy with how this build turned out, and we are sure you will enjoy it too. Check out the full article on the Dirt Sports + Off Road website...

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