The Dirt King Denali's | A First Look


Find out what happens when Dirt King gets its hands on two brand new GMC Denali's..

When you think about the GMC Denali you may not immediately think off road. Here at Dirt King we are hoping to change that perception with our most recent builds; two Denali’s built to take on the open desert with style and comfort. In 2017 we were lucky enough to receive two GMC Denali’s right off the showroom floor and build them from the ground up.


Both trucks were equipped from the factory with a 6.2L gas V8 engine attached to an 8sp transmission originally designed for the new Corvette. In stock form the vehicles are rated at 420hp, undeniably these trucks are a great base platform to start with. Both of our customers decided to up the fun and add Magnusson TVS2300 Superchargers to their builds. Capable of producing an additional 120hp @6 PSI, there will be no lack of power to turn those 37” tires on or off the pavement.

First up is the Blue Denali, a 2017 SEMA Show truck build that came to us from a customer wanting something unique, comfortable, and show stopping. Show stopping is exactly what this truck is. Taking a turn from the norm, this truck has a chrome plated Dirt King 4wd long travel kit, shackle and hanger kit, and a slew of other shiny bits to catch your eye. Don’t’ let the looks fool you though, this truck is as much go as is it show!

The Red Denali, built for a customer out of New Zealand, is unique in its own right. This truck needed to be something that could handle the various and ever-changing terrain of the region. It was an obvious choice to go with the Dirt King 4wd long travel kit up front. The simple installation and easily serviceable parts make this kit a great fit for their needs. For the rear, we installed the Dirt King bed cage accompanied with our shackle & hanger kit to balance everything out.

To view full specs and details on each truck, click below to visit the build page...

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